Welcome to the official web site for Death Row - Sanitarium of Slaughter in Nashville, TN. We will be open every night starting Friday, October 25th through Halloween Thursday, October 31st. We will also be open Friday, November 1st for our second Blackout Night. The doors will open at 7:00pm until the last person standing in line. Dates and Times schedule to change without notice. Click on the schedule link for more details.

Death Row is a collection of Nashville with items from old Nashville hospitals, funeral homes, prisons and cemeteries to create some very intriguing dark sets. Room after room of antique morgue slabs, wheelchairs, prison cell doors and assorted twisted instruments that are applied to victim after victim in endless medical and torture themed scenes.

Death Row offers a vintage, old school feel to it and to add to that feel, we will attempt mortify our guests, not only with the sight, but also with sense of smell. How does the smell of cotton candy, or rotting flesh make you feel? Do you feel the chill in the air, or is it just your nerves making your skin crawl.

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Death Row supports National Haunted House Day, the Second Friday in October!

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